The Il Violino B&B is located in the heart of Cremona, a city of violin and music, lying on the left bank of the river Po, which can be seen from afar with its bell towers and in particular for its imposing Torrazzo, the highest tower in bricks of Europe.

The holidays in Cremona are extremely pleasant: walk the streets of the historic center to see the arcades of history, the numerous and characteristic squares, the shopping streets, the courtyards of beautiful buildings, the friezes and the terracotta of imposing churches, treasure chest art ...

Get lost in the alleys... we will give you directions for alternative routes to those indicated in the tourist maps to visit shops with ancient charm, with precious musical instruments hanging from a thread and saturated with the scent of the newly applied paint. Here you will be able to see the expert hands of craftsmen at work, repeating ancient gestures of an artistic craftsmanship of the highest level: the construction of stringed instruments.

Suggested Itinerary

Start with a panoramic visit of the historic center: Piazza del Comune, the main square of the city that in the communal era excelled even competing with Milan; the Torrazzo, symbol par excellence of the city, which dominates from its 111 meters and plays the role of a bell tower; the Duomo, one of the most important religious buildings in northern Italy, the octagonal Baptistery, the thirteenth-century Palazzo Comunale and the Loggia dei Militi.

The itinerary continues with the Violin Museum, unique in Europe, housed in Piazza Marconi in the historic Palazzo dell'Arte. The realization of the Violin Museum was possible thanks to the intervention of the Arvedi Foundation and its President, the patron Cav. Giovanni Arvedi.

The museum itinerary is located in ten halls: the origin of the violin, the workshop of the violin maker, the diffusion of the violin, the classical Cremonese school, the treasure chest, the Stradivarian finds, the sunset and the rebirth of the violinmaking, the Triennial Competition of Contemporary Violin Making, friends of Stradivari, the violin in the cinema.

The culture of excellence that, from its first steps, guides the creation of the Violin Museum finds perfect synthesis in the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium. The admirable and unique result of a bold and modern project, the Auditorium reaffirms and enhances the role of Cremona as the capital of the violin and of music at an international level.
The cornerstone of the construction is the desire to offer each of the 500 listeners an immersive and all-encompassing experience.

The visit continues with the exterior of the Ponchielli theater, one of the oldest Italian theaters, to arrive at the Church of S. Agostino where valuable works are placed, including a panel by Perugino depicting the Madonna in Throne and Saints.

After fleetingly visiting the Palazzo Cittanova, Palazzo Raimondi and the Cathedral of S. Agata, you will be in front of Palazzo Affaitati, home of the Civic Museum where there is a large Art Gallery and an Archaeological Section. Crossing the gardens of Piazza Roma, green lung of the city center and the place where the tombstone of the famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari resides.

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